"Hyrde förlossningspool av födande kraft och var mycket nöjd med poolen. All kommunikation kändes professionell  och personlig på samma gång, en bra kombination". 

"Att ha Ellika som Doula under latensfasen var den bästa investeringen vi kunde göra inför vår förlossning. Hon var med oss hemma, och skjutsade sedan in oss till förlossningen när det var dags. Hon var vid min sida hela tiden och hjälpte mig att hantera värkarna genom att guida mig att andas lugnt och att slappna av. Hela hennes närvaro ingav trygghet och lugn till hela situationen och jag är mer än tacksam att vi beslutade oss för att ta hjälp av Ellika under latensfasen. Mina varmaste rekommendationer!"

"Sandra tog hand om min inkapslingen av min moderkaka och jag är verkligen glad att jag valda just Sandra. Fin dialog innan förlossningen och när inkapslingen var gjord levererades kapslarna i vackra burkar i presentpåse med en personlig hälsning. Allt kändes otroligt proffsigt och genuint. Sandra gjorde också en mycket vacker tavla av moderkakan. Kan varmt rekommendera Sandra".

"Vi hade Ellika som doula vilket var helt fantastiskt. Som partner så fick jag stöd och tid att hantera omkringliggande saker och möjlighet att få avslastning och vila under latensfasen till BB utan att ha dåligt samvete eller stress. Hon fick både mig och min fru att känna sig lugnare och känna att vi hade mer kontroll".

"Mysig gravid yoga med många bra tankar och tips för graviditet och inför förlossningen. Skön träning och avslappning för en gravid kropp".

"Kat - Through thick and thin, thank you for being there all the way! Doulas are awsome - we wouldn`t have had Tamaras homecoming any other way".

"Fick jättefin hjälp och stöd postpartum efter min andra födsel. Upplevde Ellika som engagerad och trygg. Rekommenderar henne varmt"!

"Sandra helped me with placenta encapsulation. She was very effective in her replies. She picked up the placenta and delivered the capsules very fast together with some additional prints. Everything looked very nice. Very happy with her work".

"Lotta - Helt fantastiskt bra! Och vilken underbar massagestudio".

"Kat was our doula for the labour only, as our baby arrived prematurely and our primary doula was unable to be there – therefore this review is on Kat as an in-labour doula. Kat was a fantastic support who put in a tremendous effort to help us through what turned out to be around a 50-hour labour. She was great with tips and encouraging me to try different positions and move around, which was just what I needed and wanted. We had a telephone call with Kat prior to labour, so we did know her a little, but we had not met in person prior to the labour. Despite this, Kat was really great and fitting in with us and our wants/needs in the moment. My husband wanted to and did play a very active role in the labour process and Kat supported him in this, with helpful suggestions at times, but also stepping back at other times. She also enabled him to take breaks when he needed, which was fantastic given the length of labour. As our birth ended up being very long, we had several induction methods used and Kat was really good in making sure we understood what each intervention was, why it was being done and reminding us of alternatives or places where we could choose not to do something. She also worked really well with the midwives and staff and became part of a team. Kat’s prior experience as a nurse on maternity wards, and fluency in both Swedish and English was also very helpful. We would highly recommend Kat if you are considering having a doula at your birth – great for both mum and dad". 

"During the birth you were very present and helpful but discrete and kind, your Robozo moves helped a lot, also the massage and my husband was happy to be able to park the car, go to the toilet or eat a snack knowing that I have you by my side!! Your medical background helped me and gave confidence to the midwifes on duty as you collaborate great. I was so at ease that nobody will give me any medicine etc. without talking to me or you. There were lots that I can think of ...positive memories from our special day!! I was happy I choose you and that Filip fixed somehow some of my birth trauma and helped have a nice and easy transition to mommy life".

"Kathleens support, expertise and maternal presence were invaluable to both myself and my husband during the birth of our second child. She was flexible and available to me at any time to listen and offer sound advice and a shoulder to lean on for moral support. We are so lucky to have had her and her positive spirit at our birth and are so grateful"!